Have The Perfect Party with Hermes Cones & Desserts


From decadent ice-creams, dips and sprinkle to flat bottom cones or edible baking cups Hermes Cones have the supplies to turn any birthday party into a delicious occasion!


Make the perfect ice cream snack with our party cones! With our wide variety of scrumptious cones, easy-to-make ice cream mixtures, creamy dips and sprinkles, your ice creams will be the envy of the neighbourhood! 


But it’s not only ice cream desserts that will make your guests envious! With our wafer baskets, baking cups, fruity treats, mallow cones and ice cream mixtures that can be used as mousse instead, your dessert options are endless! 



  1. Brighten up your table with:


Hermes wafer pieces, hearts, bowls and colourful baking cups, these tasty treats are perfect for adding decoration to your dessert table. These won’t melt in the baking heat and the colourful baking cups are the ideal holders for kiddies’ sweets. Hermes wafer cones, baking cups, bowls, pieces and hearts are well known for their leaving their customers satisfied until the very last bit!


  1. Flavoursome Mousse Combinations: 


With Hermes creamy and easy-to-mix ice-cream scoop mix being able to create mousse as well what is stopping you from getting a little creative? In our mouthwatering example below we have gone for a strawberry mousse made from Hermes Strawberry ice cream mix, added a little chocolate dip on top with fresh strawberries and blueberries, DELICIOUS!


  1. A Memorable Classic:


With Hermes’ wide range of crunchy wafer baskets, dessert toppings and choice of chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream mix everyone will leave your party feeling content. In this example, we have gone with a wafer basket, vanilla ice cream, chocolate dip, rainbow sprinkles and a flakey, yummy enough to leave anyone with a smile on their face!


Worried about finding the ingredients?


Do Not Fear! All of the above products mentioned in these dessert ideas can be found and ordered from our Hermes Cones website! Well everything except the fresh fruit, for that we would suggest a trip to your local store, of which most will stock our delicious range of ice cream cones! For more creative dessert ideas look us up on YouTube, simply type in Hermes Cones!