We have created the ideal caramel and chocolate dips for ice cream at home. The caramel and chocolate dips harden almost immediately making them perfect for dipping your ice cream cone into for a delicious treat.

Perfect at home ice creams 


Hermes Cone & Snack Manufacturers have created a perfect home ice cream cone treat with this caramel or chocolate dip in a 1kg tub. Place your ice cream scoop in your choice of cone, a colour cone (green, pink or yellow), or maybe your preference is a sugar cone. Once your scoop is in your cone or you could pipe your softer ice cream into the cone and then dip your ice cream into your dip of choice.

The dip will harden almost immediately creating a lovely scrumptious coating around the ice cream. The hard caramel or chocolate dip coating creates a nice ‘crack’ sound as you bite into the dip.

Here are the 3 ingredients that come together for a delicious ice cream experience at your own home:

  1. Hermes Cones of choice (assorted cones or sugar cones)

  2. Hermes Ice Cream Powder Mix

  3. Hermes Chocolate or Caramel Dip

How to use the Hermes Caramel or Chocolate ice cream dips and some quick ways to use our products in a dessert.

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